About BLNCD Lifestyle

Who Are We?

David is the owner and co-founder of BLNCD Lifestyle, LLC and contributor to the BLNCD Blog.

With a degree from UCR’s school of business, David spent 10+ years in marketing and sales and 5+ years hustling with start-ups in industries such as nutrition and alcohol.  By working closely with customers and clients in both industries, he got first hand experience of what comes from of a malnourished lifestyle and alcohol abuse.  David began his journey in the Cannabis industry in 2018 working with top CBD Brands.  In 2019 he founded BLNCD Lifestyle with 1 mission: to deliver a platform that enlightens and empowers people to make better decisions for their health and to enable people to experience more and live better lives free of mental and physical pain.

Why BLNCD Lifestyle?

We understand that the industry is new and products can be intimidating, so here at BLNCD Lifestyle, we do the work for you, finding the latest research, industry news, and CBD brands that you can trust to deliver results.



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